Try out a survey of your website and get Interesting Feedbacks

Do you think your website is not getting enough visitors or Your website is not attracting new visitors ?Its not easy to keep people attracted to your website unless you have something that the visitor need.
Internet  Statics 2010 suggests that there are more than 200 million websites and more 126 millions blogs on the www. Those are really huge numbers and are growing by one number every 1/2 second.
With all this said , its very important for you as a website author to know what people like , what people remember about your website. Its important to find out the "First Impression" of your website for new visitors and You would love to hear suggestions from them !!!

Try out the ClueApp solution by ZURB an interaction design and strategy team that helps companies design better web sites, services, and products online.The strategy that Clueapp follows in website analysis is by using "Memory Maps". So what is a memory map ? Consider when a say Apple ? The first thing that comes to your mind is the Red Coloured Apple. Thats called memory map. Images play the most important aspect in increasing the traffic to your website.

Clueapp will accept your website URL and create a screen shot of your webpage. Once the snapshot or the Memory Map is created , it will be shown to you for say 5 seconds and then it disappears. Now you have to write 5 points that you remember from the website (snapshot). Clueapp will give you a link which you can flood to your friends and strangers (if any) via Emails , Facebook , Twitter etc.Let your friends take a test . Well its not just a test but also a memory game. So its all fun.

You can also view the feedbacks of your friends by visiting the Results page on Clueapp.
Clueapp really helps to design your website in a creative way.

Try this , Clueapp


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