Create a Cool Image using characters

Convert your existing images using any characters that you like Make cool and amazing binary or ascii images of your Photographs... 

Text-Image is creative tool that lets you transform almost any image file into html , ASCII or any character(s) or text filled image.

Just select a image from your hard-drive or storage device , Select the font-size , color and type (html or ASCII) and press the convert button on the tool. The output is the same image filled with characters.
Its a nice innovative tool and can be used for professional or personal uses.

It can scale small images to very large output images. You can adjust the image width on the tool to scale images.The value in Image Field is not in pixels but the number of characters.

Once the Image is selected , customize settings like Characters ( any characters or your choice like Love , sweetheart , darling angel , dreams , life , romance  OR binary values as shown above )
Font-Size is the size of the characters to be filled. For a nice image view use the smallest size.

Change the background color according the image type and its color combinations.

Converted images can be saved in html or image formats (BMP, JPG, PNG etc)
Gray Scale effect is also present for images with a classic looks.

Here's a sample converted image : (characters 01  for filling)

From the tool if Effects are selected like ASCII output , image looks like :

The tool can be downloaded from this Link

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