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Create a slider at the top of the website page with Slidedeck and Jquery. Make your website more attractive with this smooth sliding widget. Its a professional featured post like widget for blogger.

PDF24 is a online web-based pdf converter that converts almost any file to pdf format for free.The converted file is in the pure PDF form without any watermarks or stamps. Its totally free and legal to use it.Its a very easy 3 Step Email based pdf converter
Try it Yourself !!!

Did you know how Internet works ? Don't worry if someone asks you show this small comic image which explains on how google.com website is connected via the browser.

Google Instant Preview !!! Save time,Search Smarter,Work Faster.  

Give an Image and Tineye will tell you which websites contain that image. This is nothing but a Reverse Image Search engine.Now find similar or exactly same images on the web easily.

Just a random image , found while surfing over the Internet. Could be the Future of Computers. Last image says it all.

Now enjoy some latest Indian bollywood music using the new Google Music Portal for free and with the help of Google Search for Music - India Labs.

Google changed the blogger home page design with fresh new looks , making it much simpler and loads faster than before. Blogger.com now shows links to some new features of blogging.

URL Shortening.Shorten your looooooooooooooooong URLs to short links !!!
URL shortening is easy to use and very nice for Internet conversations or sharing over instant messaging .Try this list of URL shortening services.

Most weather forcasting websites give you details like , mostly cloudy , some thunder storms expected , might rain . How about finding if its raining in your city by just clicking a URL without telling the city.So now no need to visit a website , search for your country ,city and then look at the weather.Yes this is something simple and creative work.

Finally Microsoft revealed 9 new phones based on the Microsoft Windows 7 OS for Mobile Phones. Phones from LG , Samsung , HTC and Dell were showcased today in New York.  According to Steve Ballmer ( CEO of Microsoft )  atleast 6 phones out of 9 would be available to consumers at UK shops.