Use Reverse Search for Searching Images over the Web

Give an Image and Tineye will tell you which websites contain that image. This is nothing but a Reverse Image Search engine.Now find similar or exactly same images on the web easily.
Google maintains a database of websites to search for words , but Tineye crawls the web constantly to maintain the information of images and where they appear on the web.

This of great help if have a image but don't remember which website you had found it on. Reverse search using TinEye also provides a mechanism to compare the image you searched for and the image results found. It gives you an idea of , how closely a particular found image matches with the searched image.

Here is the example of the compare feature :

This feature also known as Switch on the Tineye website is useful to compare a image when it has been modified heavily.Tineye has indexed more than 1.7 billion images over the web.

This search engine by Tineye can be used to find images which are licensed. Websites like Imagebazzar sell images for public advertisements , banners , posters , TV commercials etc.They can immediately find if their paid images are being used for free by some websites.

You can also use it to see if someone is misusing your photo from facebook or orkut.
Corporate companies can use it to find out that websites are not modifying their logos.


Tineye has a unique feature to find out the "Most Changed" image of the searched image.
Here's one the most changed image result. 

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