Boot your Windows Computer with Soluto

Anti-Frustration !!! Now your computer boots faster than ever before ! Do you install a lot of applications ? Do keep trying new softwares ? Do you play around with free / trial softwares ? Do you install a lot of games on your computer ? And are you frustrated because your computer starts-up very slowly ? Well this article is going solve all your computer start-up problems and help you to reduce Boot-Time.
How to boot my computer faster ? How to start-up my laptop faster ? My windows starts up really slow ? Well all questions will be answered now.

Windows OS maintains a list of Application to start during the boot process of the OS. But many applications from this list are not needed to be started during the Boot process. They can be started in the back-end once the user has logged-in . Also you may start some application manually only when you need it.

Applications loaded during start-up are System apps (critical for OS to function in harmony) and User apps. Application the system tray near the Clock (right bottom of the screen) start during the boot process.

Soluto is the answer. Anit-Frustration for your Frustration. It reduced my start-up time from 3:21 minutes to almost 1:50 minutes. Its a free application that analyzes your operating system , sorts your applications into 3 groups :

No-Brainer : Delay the launch of applications until the boot or Pause them, which means you can start them only when you need to use it.
If you try to remove these unwanted applications from your boot list , it will cut down your boot-up time. Great. Lets go to the next group and reduce this time even more.

Potentially Removable : This is for Advanced Users only. This list is bigger than the No-Brainer list.Remove apps only if you know what they do.

Cannot be removed : These are all the OS services and application.

So here's how you should go about this software :

1. Download and install it.
2. Reboot your machine.(Do not remove any apps)
3. After Login , In the left corner you will find a Soluto flipper page showing the applications being loaded.

Now Launch Solotu from system tray. Select No-Brainer icon and start reading about the apps and take your decision to either delay , pause or keep it in boot.

Once this is done , Reboot you machine and check the reboot time. Soluto is just an awesome application.
Official Site :
Soluto Download Link : mysoluto


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