GSNG - Google Search for Next Generation

Search on Google even before you could type. Google launched its "Instant" search , that displays search results as you type.

Google calls "Instant Search" a fun, fast and interactive way of searching.
It basically uses Google's auto complete feature - also seen in other search engines like Yahoo and Bing - to an extreme level , wherein Google Instant shoots the top 5 search queries (with relevant search results)  right from the very first letter you type in the Google's search field.

Here's a small video on Google instant search.

You can use this instant search feature live on Google .Its a REAL-TIME search that searches for results as you type words , that's something really cool and innovative feature by Google.

You can also switch back to the classic version of Google by clicking on the link to the right on the search box "Instant is on". The other way is to change it from the Preference page , under the "Google Instant" field at the bottom of the page.

ABCs of Instant Search : A video commercial by Google

Google Instant Search works with Firefox 3+ , Internet Explorer 8+ and Chrome 5+.
Something shocking : it doesn't work with Internet Explorer 7 or below.
So if you like this feature , please upgrade your browser to works with list.

Mobile version of instant search is yet to come.
Link to Google's Instant Search : Google Instant

Problems With  Google Instant :

Not compatible with Google Toolbar
No Mobile version yet
Its distracting sometimes

Final review : Perfect step by Google in the Search Market to compete and always stay ahead of other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.


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