How to find out if a person is invisible on GMAIL / GTALK

Have you ever noticed a friend of you who always used to online on Gtalk or GMail , but suddenly he seems to offline since a long time , well may be your friend is not Visible to you ... Lets find out if a person is actually offline or invisible.
How to find out if a person is invisible on GMAIL / GTALK....

First login to your gmail/gtalk account. If its showing offline status for a particular person and you feel that the person is actaully trying to hide the visibility , then follow the below steps to catch that person Red Handed ;-)

Try to chat with that person by just typing some words . You will see the below message :

รυรђяυ† is offline. Messages you send will be 
delivered when รυรђяυ† comes online.
Continue this chat over SMS.

Now Select Actions from the right top menu of the chat window , then click on "Go Off the Record" Now chat with that person , if you don't receive the above shown message in red , CAUGHT... it means the person is invisible or trying to hide from you ... Similarly you can check with Gtalk also.


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