Google's 12th Birthday - 27th September 2010

Its 12th Birthday of God (Google).  The search engine giant is just 12 years old but  is the boss of almost everyone on Earth. The new Google doodle (image displayed on is a cake by 89 years old Los Angeles artist Wayne Thiebaud.Lets wish Google a Happy birthday on behalf of all the millions of netizens (people on Internet).
Did you ever think what you would be doing 12 years later down the line ... ??? Google had a plan starting from when it was born  27th September 1998. The name os the search engine initially designed by Larry and Sergey was "BackRub". This was changed to googal meaning "1 followed by 100 zeros" in mathematics. This was to indicate the infinitely massive search to be performed by Google. On its tenth Birthday in 2008 they placed a new target of "10 followed by 100 zeros"

Have a look at the timeline of Google. Its really interesting and informative. Google TimeLine


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