Speed Up your Downloads with these Download Managers

Native downloader with Internet Explorer or FireFox is not fast enough. That's really annoying.Most downloaders in the market use multiple threads/port-connections to download a single file over the Internet.

For example :

When you right click on a link and click "Save Target As... " , Browser starts to download the file serially like water flowing in a single pipe connection. But with the downloader tools , they initiate multiple connections trying to download the file in parts and then assemble those parts on your machine.

Here's a simple image explaining this process :

As you can see , the downloader started multiple connections (9 connections in this case) to download a single file . This mechanism speeds up your downloads , utilizes the  bandwidth of your Internet connection to its maximum speed , saves time and most important brings a smile to your face when you see that a file of 12 MB which use to take 5 minutes to download is now being downloaded in less than a minute or to be specific say 45 seconds. COOL :)

List of Downloaders available in the Market :

1. DAP : Download Accelerator Plus is a Free Software (Adware Version) , has pause/resume capability along with a nice User Interface. Its available for Windows and MAC.

2. Leechget : Available only for Windows. Its a Free Software for Home Use.

3. Free Download Manager : Free Software Available for Windows.

4. Internet Download Manager : Its NOT FREE. Has a trial version for 30 Days , but really good and fast at downloading.Available for Windows.


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