Use an Online Pendrive of 8GB Free of Cost

Now Use Free Online Pendrive like Storage that can sync from mulitple devices like your Laptop , Mobile , Destop, PSP or any device that can connect to Internet !

DropBox is free File Sharing , File Sync and Online Backup tool (also over the web without the tool).Imagine you are planning for a tour and you have been gathering all the information over the Web sometimes either from your PC or your Mobile or even from Internet Cafe !!! Ultimately you have to gather all the information from all these devices ... What a mess !!!!

DropBox is the Solution for this !!! 

Download DropBox . Install it and start using it with your username and password. Once installed you can see new folders created in your Documents Folder.

That's it your DONE !!! Just Drag and Drop the files you want into your Online Pendrive.
If you take a cool snap from your mobile and wnat to share it in a single place , just use Dropbox from your mobile and share the pic. Inshort when you login on your Desktop/Laptop , the pic will from your cell phone will be available. That's COOL.

DropBox is avaliable for Windows, Mac and Linux along with iPhone ,Nokia Symbian Mobiles, Android , iPad and many more.

Dropbox replaces :

Emailing file attachments to yourself and other people
Using USB drives to move files between computers
Renaming files to keep a history of previous versions
Complicated backup software and hardware
And more!

Dropbox maintains a 30 day history , so you can even undelete a file or undo any mistake.
There's a very good feature in Dropbox - LAN Sync (

How to Use Dropbox :


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