Find if its raining in your city

Most weather forcasting websites give you details like , mostly cloudy , some thunder storms expected , might rain . How about finding if its raining in your city by just clicking a URL without telling the city.So now no need to visit a website , search for your country ,city and then look at the weather.Yes this is something simple and creative work.

Just type "" in your browser and you'll get a answer in the form of YES or NO along with the weather of your city.

For eg : , ,

The tool uses Yahoo for this Magic and caches results frequently.

If you mistype a city , it will give the weather of a city whose name closely matches the mistyped word. For example : I tried typing , , and the results obtained were :

Conditions for
Wijk, De Wolden, Drenthe, Netherlands
on Fri, 15 Oct 2010 6:25 am CEST: Cloudy (10°C)


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