Microsoft Launched Windows 7 Mobile

Finally Microsoft revealed 9 new phones based on the Microsoft Windows 7 OS for Mobile Phones. Phones from LG , Samsung , HTC and Dell were showcased today in New York.  According to Steve Ballmer ( CEO of Microsoft )  atleast 6 phones out of 9 would be available to consumers at UK shops.

Microsoft is partnering with At&T Mobility and T-Mobile in USA to market its Windows 7 Phones. Mobiles released include HTC Surround , Dell Lightning and Venue Pro , Samsung Focus and LG Quantum.Each of these mobiles have a Capacitive Glass Touch screen , 1 GHz  Processor and a 5 MegaPixel Camera.

Microsoft has been trying to compete with Android and iOS with its Windows 7 OS .New User Interface as compared to Windows 6.1 and 6.5 , has been innovative and really interesting . Microsoft has been pushing hard and focusing on UI after the launch of iPhone and Android. This is clearly visible from the launch on Windows 6.5 and now Windows 7 Mobiles.
Tiled User Inteface mixed with Zune Graphics and some addition of Social Networking is nothing but just the Windows Mobile 7 UI. Lets Zoom into this ...

Clean and Clear looking tile view is the heart of Windows 7 mobiles.Everthing from Home Screen to Music , Office , Videos , Contacts is organized either in square or rectangular blocks.

Start Screen has all required links in square boxes or Live Tiles and are Customizable.No stylus required. Phone , People, Messaging , Outlook-Office , Pictures , Internet Explorer ,Games, Music+Video and Calendar are some options available.Tiles might show pending SMS , email and much more.

Sliding your finger to left on the Home screen will give you the traditional Start Menu but with a new look & clean Icons.

Music and Graphics Interface has been adopted from the Zune ( Microsoft's Music Device competing to Apple's iPOD ). Windows 7 Mobiles are a total integration with other Microsoft products like Zune , Bing , XBOX , Office etc... in all a pure Microsoft OS.

Music + Videos Hub is the complete entertaintment center.Supports multiple media formats and has a built in FM-radio.Screen resolution is just perfect for watching TV and Videos in HD.All Screens in Windows 7 are having a stretched layout , so just keep sliding ... Below is a sample layout of the Music Hub.

Games HUB is another panel in this phone , integrated with XBox Live...Game On... 
It also supports 3D games and a lot of EA games will also be featured on Xbox Live .

There's something that Only Microsoft Windows 7 Mobiles can provide... Yes its the most famous and most used - Microsoft Office. Features like MS Word , Excel and PowerPoint are integrated into the Office Hub Panel on the Windows Mobile 7 OS. This has been something big for selling mobiles in the corporate sector. The Office interface has been improved tremendously and gives you a feel as if you are working on a office desktop or a laptop. 
An Idea : how about embedding and Pico Projector and a Laser Keyboard in the Mobile Hardware... would be the Coolest gadget ever ... Lets get back to Windows Phone 7

People Hub – a social network app, in which all of your friends’ status updates are brought together in the same app. Whether its Facebook , Windows Live or Twitter , everyone's status is integrated into one app. Most importantly , click on any person and you have all details you want - Contacts , Address , Birthdays , Email-id , Social Network Links / Status and anything to do with that person. Have a common picture across all social networking sites.

Email  and Calender organization have been at their best too... Calendar provides the agenda view

with a time-line and uses multiple 

colors to distinguish clearly.
Color-coded view is perfect to distinguish between work and personal meetings.

Email has icons like reply and flags, which helps you in recognizing email threads and important emails. Email panel has all emails listed with the each email having a subject and summary in different colors.

You can also respond to meeting invites right from your inbox. Has filters like "all unread and flagged"...thats great !!!
In all - a clean and simple UI.

Other feature include - four point multi-touch support , pinch zooming , local search using Microsoft Bing and New version of Internet Explorer for Mobiles.

Finally Microsoft is back , to compete with Apple's iPhone  and  Google's Android. Lot more to hear on Windows Phone 7.


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