Google Blogger Home Page Redesigned

Google changed the blogger home page design with fresh new looks , making it much simpler and loads faster than before. now shows links to some new features of blogging.

Older Blogger page used to mention about ease of creating a blog , what a blog is all about , how to share your thoughts using a powerful media like Blogger's blog. The three things mentioned on the old page were , " Your Blog - Easy to Use - Flexible " . On the right bottom of the page , links that existed were like "quick tour" , "video tutorial" and more links to discover about blogging. Note - Google never mentioned anything related to blog monetizing on its old Blogger home page.

Google is now more into business for blogging , with its new design for's what the new design looks like :

Its very clean and simple. The best part is , it now focuses more on what Google wanted - Go for Blogger than any other blogging platform. The new page now emphasizes more on its new feature of template designer. No need to learn html , just use the template designer by blogger to edit and customize your blog layouts. 

Its also came out with new feature of real-time statistics for your blog traffic. Statistics show the total page views coming across the globe to your blog.

Blog monetizing using adsense is also there on its home page now. On the whole I would say its a clean layout.Google continues to experiment with its services - always focusing on its users , customers and their benefit.


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