Share only One Link instead of multiple Links

If you want to share many links with your friends over Facebook , Orkut , Twitter , MySpace or Instant Messaging  , you would share each of them seperately.How about clubing them together ? - a URL shortening service provider has a cool solution to club multiple links into one link.

Imagine you working on a presentation or a project or planning for a trip.You have researched a lot about it over the Internet and saved all this data as bits and pieces in the form of website links (may be all links in a text file). Next time you want share this information woth your colleague or friend , you have to send an email with multiple links in it .This is Not Something Smart....

Try that can combine all your links into on single link. actually shortens multiple URLs into one URL. Navigating to multiple links using the single shortened link , is with help of a Navigation bar provided by and embedded in the browser itself (Requires no installation or ActiveX controls).

Step by Step Tutorial :

Here's the final single Link :

When you actaully browse the above single link , the navigation window looks like this :

Keep navigating through links using the right arrow or use drop-down box for custom navigation.
It has a pop-up arrow , if you wish to load the link into a seperate browser tab/window.

Try it : ,

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